Why Choose DLP Consulting?


DLP is a consulting group that offers consulting, training and coaching services. DLP Consulting helps executives enrich their thinking so that they can make sound strategic decisions. We help our clients to have a clear and distinctive vision of what makes their product or service unique and different, and then propose solutions that will allow them to achieve their objectives.


DLP Consulting is here to help you navigate through the complex situations your organization faces. Whether you run a startup, a small business, a growing company, a large corporation, a crown corporation, a public agency, a cooperative or a non-profit organization.  We have developed a simple, yet effective approach based on consultation with managers, employees, clients and partners. Whether we are helping our clients make an important decision or planning their development, we make sure that we get the views of everyone involved.


DLP Consulting's approach is to help you accelerate your growth by providing solutions tailored to your needs. From developing your vision to establishing innovative strategies, we work closely with your teams to ensure that with your teams to help your organization realize full potential.


DLP Consulting was created to support leaders in their growth. Each mandate is an opportunity for us to create more wealth. As such, we are constantly striving to surpass ourselves and to help you surpass yourself. Like coaches, we make sure that everyone keeps up the pace throughout the climb. 


As each organization has its own unique challenges, we provide creative ideas, tools, and tailored strategies to ensure that you take the optimal path to achieving your goals.