Governance is simply the implementation of a set of mechanisms to ensure better coordination of the stakeholders of an organization.

DLP Consulting's expertise in strategy and organizational development allows it to intervene at several levels within organizations.

Governance is a founding pillar of strategy, and issues related to the structure of the organization are frequently put forward during strategic planning and reflection exercises. Indeed, it is essential to have the right stakeholders in order to achieve the orientations and actions determined during the exercise and to structure the organization in a long-term vision. Through this process, it is therefore important to identify the affluent or resistant parties to the proposed projects, in order to maximize the chances of success and ensure the proper development of the organization.

DLP Consulting is able to offer assistance adapted to each situation, whether in the form of coaching, mobilization workshops, training, meetings with employees, or strategic coaching with management. DLP Consulting can also assist you in :

  • Carry out an organizational diagnosis

  • Assist in the drafting of policies, such as a quality charter, a policy for the integration of the board of directors, and more, in order to lead the organization towards the achievement of its vision.