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Developed by Alexander Osterwalder, the Business Model Canvas is a simple way of presenting the company by focusing on the value proposition and deploying it upstream and downstream (value creation, distribution).

It provides a clear and synthetic view of the whole business, with particular reference to financial flows and the coherence of the whole. Many aids are offered with this approach, and the use of the model is very often enlightening and leads to clear alignments along the value creation chain. The model goes further than the usual value chain, because it incorporates strategic and not purely descriptive elements. 

It is often a necessary step in mapping a company and its network, including its priorities, competitive advantages and rationale. We can't count the number of clients who have been able to reduce friction within their company, bring back discussions on the subject at board meetings, or even increase their billing through a different organization of their pricing structure, through simple and effective measures. 

Our consulting allows us to address with you the main questions that need to be asked in order to evaluate the sustainability and evolutionary capacity of your company.

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