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Business Plan

Strategic Management Consulting & Services

DLP Consulting helps local companies accelerate their growth. From developing the organization's vision to establishing innovative strategies, we work closely with leadership teams to provide customized solutions.

Our Services

Our Services

DLP Consulting helps leaders make better decisions for sustainable growth throughout their business. DLP Consulting helps develop strategies and plan improvements and problem-solving actions to achieve growth and success.

Strategic Management

Regardless of the sector, every project must be based on the right strategy to succeed. 


Data is a powerful tool when placed in the right hands. 

Business Innovation

Taking the lead through innovation.


Governance increases your productivity.


How the company will create value and generate revenue

International Management

To ensure effective control and planning of resources in an international organization and culture.


“In an age of rapid change, strategy sometimes gets a bad name. You make a strategic plan, and it can become meaningless after just six months. DLP Consulting helped us redefine, re-energise and refocus our strategic planning process, so that we could prepare for the future with clarity and confidence. The process was not only efficient, but also highly enjoyable.”

Jason Strauss
CEO of ML Associates

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Where to start? Get free evaluation where we explore together your challenge and the possibilities to solve it. 

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